Sanctioned Casualty: Kylie Fitts Decommits from USC

Kylie Fitts-USCSouthern California’s battle with the NCAA may have ended long ago, but the long term effects continue to arise. Now entering the second year of scholarship reduction, the Trojan staff is finding it more difficult to satisfy the interests of all recruits and hold the class together.

Kyle Fitts recently became the fifth commitment to renege on an earlier pledge. In a decision that the 4-star prospect described as emotional and heartbreaking, he has chosen to sever ties with USC and begin a new college search.  The root of the decommitment remains unclear, since the defensive end did not disclose the matter that led to his withdrawal.

“There was a development yesterday at 3:30 p.m.that totally surprised me and I called the USC coaches today to inform them that I’m decommitting and opening up my recruitment”–Kylie Fitts

Fitts was set to enroll at USC on Thursday, and speculation is that the plan was suddenly altered by Leon McQuay III‘s commitment last Friday. The 5-star Florida safety is also scheduled for early enrollment in what has become a crowded room. The newly acquired commitment resulted in a domino effect that may have forced Fitts out of the spring and designated him for the fall.  The situation appears similar to that of the recently departed Eldridge Massington.

Lane Kiffin’s staff has labored to combat scholarship reduction and make everything fit. Unfortunately, there won’t be room for everyone, especially when juggling early enrollment and fall entries. USC still appears on the Fitts list,  but if he remains unwilling to accept the newest proposal that would have him enrolling as a Trojan in the fall, there is a strong chance that he may land at UCLA.

[Kylie Fitts decommits from USC-ESPN]

~ by Anthony on January 8, 2013.

2 Responses to “Sanctioned Casualty: Kylie Fitts Decommits from USC”

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  2. Friggin sanctions. They are unlawful and wrong. When will USC take the NCAA to the woodshed?

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