Monte Kiffin resigns his post

Monte Kiffin-USCI recently wrote of change on the horizon, and that change has drifted to shore. In an announcement that shocked very few, Monte Kiffin will vacate his current position and USC will search for a replacement.  The 72-year old coordinator will make one final appearance before leaping back into the NFL pool. The Trojans have a bowl game upcoming, and it is there that the elder Kiffin will have his curtain call.

The news comes just five days after Southern California’s loss to Notre Dame in the regular season finale. It was the team’s fourth loss in five games, but the rumblings to expel the program’s defensive coordinator came much sooner.

After poor defensive performance’s against Arizona and Oregon, a fire was set beneath the unit’s leader. UCLA would step forward to add another 30-plus points, and Kiffin was set ablaze.  The Trojans played the first seven contests allowing opponents an average of just seventeen points per game. But there was a dramatic jump in the final five, as the opponent average ballooned to 35.6 points per outing.

Kiffin will now make his services available to NFL, where he earned a Super Bowl Championship as a member of the coaching staff for the Tampa Bay Bucs. USC’s search for a replacement begins today, with rumors of the program adding an offensive coordinator also surfacing.

~ by Anthony on November 30, 2012.

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