Max Redfield Decommits

USC is licking its wounds after Saturday’s loss, but Irish eyes are smiling on Sunday. Less than 24 hours after the Trojans lost their third game of the season, the program learned it may have also lost the first recruit from the Class of 2013.

4-star Mission Viejo Safety Max Redfield was in attendance at the Coliseum for USC’s 62-51 loss to the Ducks. He later made a facebook post announcing that he had decided to withdraw his pledge and reopen his recruitment.

“Going back on my word is something I never imagined doing and it hurts me to do it but in the end I feel is necessary to do in order to decide what college I want to go to and in the end what path I want to take in life. For many different reasons I am choosing to decommit from USC and re-open recruiting. I am sorry to the people I might let down or hurt in this decision but it is a decision that is crucial for my future athletically, academically, and spiritually.”

Redfield committed to USC on July 18, and became the 16th commitment to the 2013 class. A recent visit to South Bend brought about a change of heart, and the once favorite Trojans became just one of several programs on a new list. The high school senior still has pending visits to Oregon and Washington, before making a final decision on his future.

With the decommitment coming just weeks after an Indiana visit, it’s safe to assume that Notre Dame is the new front runner. The Irish are undefeated, ranked fourth in the BCS standings, and 10th in the nation in total defense.

The sudden withdrawal only serves as a reminder that a commitment made early doesn’t guarantee a commitment late. “Undecided” is a better word for a recruit that verbally commits to one program, but continues the process and visits other schools.

[Max Redfield Decommits from USC]



~ by Anthony on November 5, 2012.

3 Responses to “Max Redfield Decommits”

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  2. All commits are soft verbals unless the kid does not take any further official/unofficial visits to other schools. I don’t care a recruit says, until the fax is received and the paperwork is completed, they are all suspect to change their minds. Would be nice for the NCAA to allow a kid and school to sign commitment papers early instead of having to wait until NSD. Kids should be able to sign their commitment papers as early as Sept, with caveats stating that if there’s a position coaching change of head coaching change then they can withdraw if they choose to do so. Same with the school, if the kid gets seriously injured, then the school can decommit.

    As for Redfield, hey, USC is not playing up to expectations nor ability, and Notre Dame is 9-0. Where would you want to be at the end of the day, iff you’re a regular high school kid who wants everything to be easy?

    It will take a very special maturity and talented kid to commit to USC this year and over the next 2 years, as we are playing with a handicap of one hand tied behind out back. SC must play smarter, harder and faster, and MUST, MUST, MUST be conditioned to play 4 quarters….. Our defense is not there yet.

    With that said, ASU, UCLA and ND are not going to easy games to win, especially with UCLA at 7-2, the momentum is on their side right now, and their fans and players are chest puffing right now.

    In order to save this season, USC must win out. No excuses.

    • Of course my opinion is going to be a little bias, but I honestly believe the best fit for Redfield is at USC. Throw out the records and who is or isn’t currently competing for a national championship, and I see an opportunity for Redfield get a lot of playing time as a freshman in Southern California. T.J. McDonald is NFL bound and a projected first round pick. Under Monte Kiffin at Tennessee, Eric Berry was also a first round draft pick. So if my goal is to have my talent developed to play on Sundays, I’m choosing USC and the current coaching staff. Even with the struggles defensively as a team, there is no denying that safeties developed by this staff have excelled and positioned themselves for NFL first round riches.

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