Oregon admits NCAA recruiting violations

The University of Oregon football program entered the confession booth on Friday and went public with past sins. The three-time defending conference champions admitted to recruiting violations that span as many years, and must now wait for an official notice of allegations before the process can move forward.

The program admitted to exceeding the number of coaches allowed in the recruiting process, and more importantly, cash payments to three unauthorized recruiting services totaling more than $45,000.

Though the admission came on Friday, the story appears a bit stale. It isn’t the earth shattering announcement that ripples across the landscape, as much as it is confirmation of what was already known.   The bombshell was dropped last summer, when Willie Lyles came singing the tune of a different bird.  Chip Kelly would respond hastily, trying to teach us how to DUCK-ie, before the Committee On Infractions is allowed an opportunity to cut in.

Today, Oregon has offered full cooperation, blowing the whistle on itself, and stretching the admission as far as “failure to monitor”. The school received an NCAA notice of inquiry back in September, but has yet to receive a notice of allegations.  We should expect self imposed penalties in the upcoming weeks, as it continues to throw itself at the mercy of the NCAA court.

It is head coach Chip Kelly who stands to lose the most in penalty, just as other men connected to knowing of violations without report— Jim Tressel, Todd McNair,  Bruce Pearl.

[NCAA alleges Oregon recruiting violations]


~ by Anthony on February 25, 2012.

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