It’s a top-ten finish for Kiffin’s Trojans

Alabama’s less than dramatic 21-0 victory over LSU officially brought the college football season to an end. The closing polls reveal the Crimson Tide as the unanimous National Champion, while also displaying another top-10 finish for bowl nonparticipant USC.

Associated Press Top 25

1. Alabama 12-1
2. LSU 13-1
3. Oklahoma State 12-1
4. Oregon 12-2
5. Arkansas 11-2
6. USC 10-2
7. Stanford 11-2
8. Boise State 12-1
9. South Carolina 11-2
10.Wisconsin 11-3

The postseason ineligible Trojans last played a game on November 26. In the days that followed, the program would rise and fall in accordance to the activity of teams surrounding them.  At the close of regular season polls, USC placed above Oregon and beneath Stanford of the Pac 12. A January victory for the Ducks enabled a leap, and a Cardinal loss triggered their fall.

Only three Pac 12 teams finished in the top 25, with all appearing in the top-10. Only the Big East would place fewer (2) among BCS conferences, with the SEC represented by a nation-leading five.

This week’s ranking marks the eighth top-10 finish for USC in the past 10 seasons. It is the first for Lane Kiffin has a head coach.

[College Football Polls]

~ by Anthony on January 10, 2012.

2 Responses to “It’s a top-ten finish for Kiffin’s Trojans”

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  2. The AP poll continually shows the stupidity of the AP voters. Why do they even bother…

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