Mickens, York decommit from USC

Jaydon Mickens decommited from USC on Wednesday night, just hours after Kelvin York did the same.  But it’s important not to overreact to the language, especially when viewing the circumstance.

In case you haven’t heard, USC enters the 2012 recruiting period shorthanded. There are only 15 scholarships to give, and far more prospects willing to accept.  It creates a dilemma for a coaching staff that is now forced to be more tactical than generous.  25 schollies can strike recruiting gold, but when lessened by 10, you abandon wants to focus on needs.

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With Mickens and York included among the 2012 class, USC was left with only 4 remaining scholarships. In weighing supply and demand, it’s more sensible to speculate the program losing interest in the players and/or positions than the recruits losing interest in the program.

USC has had a heavy haul of wide receivers in the past two years, and Carson’s Darreus Rodgers will add another.  The reduction of scholarships minimize the window of opportunity for hopefuls wanting to be Trojans, with the selection process more detailed and target specific.

York’s situation is a little different, as it also includes a stroke of bad luck. The Louisiana native transferred across country for the sole purpose of working his way into USC. The plan was scrapped by a recent knee injury that requires surgery, which led the thrifty shoppers of Troy to pass him over.

USC now has 9 commitments to the class of 2012, leaving 6 scholarships available.


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