The Barkley Heisman campaign placed on hold

If the Heisman Trophy is high on his list of priorities, Matt Barkley will have to return to USC for his senior year to get it. The 2011 finalists were announced on Monday, and the Trojan quarterback was not among them. Robert Griffin III, Andrew Luck, Trent Richardson, Montee Ball, and Tyrann Mathieu will be making flights to New York, and the Southern California team MVP will be staying home.

Barkley was handicapped by both timing and sanctions, denying him a legitimate shot of adding the stiff-arm to his shelf.  Though he appeared on Heisman watch-lists before the season, his candidacy didn’t strengthen until his victory over Oregon.  The NCAA postseason ban then kept him out of the Pac 12 championship game, depriving him of a final opportunity to impress voters. In other words, he was late to the race and ran one fewer lap than the others. 2012 will provide a greater opportunity, with the Trojans expected to begin high in the polls and the ban lifted.

The Heisman snub is only a preview of things to come. The popularity of Baylor’s Griffin III and Andrew Luck gives a strong indication that Barkley, despite statistics and school records, may fail to be named first or second-team All-American. He was named second-team All-Conference last week, falling behind Andrew Luck.

The 2012 Heisman Trophy and first-team honors are all in reach, but only if he decides on a USC return. Ironically, that decision may also be based on the draft projection of the Stanford and Baylor quarterback, with the NFL having a new rookie salary cap in place.

Matt Barkley was named team MVP at the USC Awards Banquet on Monday night, an honor well deserved.


~ by Anthony on December 6, 2011.

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  2. i know I see things with a USC slant but the media and ncaa seem to really hate USC and it seems to be a mutually agreed feeling. From the wild sanctions (haven’t seen anyone else get them despite worse offenses) to poor rankings to lack of respect for Barkley.

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