Garza vacates position after Willie Lyles name-drop

The letters on the practice field may spell the words ‘NO DISTRACTIONS’, but that’s exactly what the Trojans received just two days before kickoff. Willie Mack Garza resigned from his position as defensive backs coach, citing personal reasons unrelated to USC.  Sports by Brooks reports that those reasons, though unrelated to USC, are connected to football and an alleged relationship with Willie Lyles.

Lyles is the centerpiece of an ongoing investigation of Oregon for impermissible recruiting practices, which includes an alleged cash exchange for Texas prospects steered to the Pacific Northwest.  Also connected to the Lyles scouting service is Cal, LSU, and Texas A&M. USC and Tennessee can now be added to that list, but of the five schools joined by a single name, the Trojans should have the least concern.

Garza was a carry-over from the Tennessee coaching staff that moved west, and any relationship between Lyles and the coach would likely stem from there.  USC is certainly no stranger to Lyles and his scouting service, being that Pete Carroll has been photographed with him.  But you’re not in violation for knowing Houston’s pied piper, only for conducting business with him beyond the NCAA allowance.

Sammy Knight is the sensible choice to fill the vacant position on such short notice, being that he is already on staff as a graduate assistant.

I’m sure new details of the resignation will eventually surface over the next few days, so stay tuned.


~ by Anthony on September 1, 2011.

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