Pac 12: Birth of a Network

Phase one of Larry Scott’s vision was to increase conference membership. This was completed with the additions of Colorado and Utah in 2011, with further growth still pending. That enacted phase two, which is to promote the new Pac 12 conference by making it easily accessible to a broader audience. That model was laid out on Wednesday, and with it a network was born.

I guess I shouldn’t say it was born, since the new network won’t officially launch until August of 2012. But it is in the early incubation stage, where partnerships were made and agreements sealed. The I’s were dotted and T’s crossed, and we now wait through the period of construction before the fledgling is hatched.

In an innovative arrangement providing unprecedented exposure for its athletic and academic programs, the Pac-12 Conference announced today the creation of Pac-12 Networks, which will include a national network and six regional networks, in conjunction with four of the nation’s largest cable operators: Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Cox Communications and Bright House Networks.

The understanding is that the network will be included in basic cable packages within the local regions, but may come at an additional service cost to those outside. The Pac 12 also has no current arrangement with satellite providers such as DirecTV and Dish Network, though it should be negotiating with those carriers in days to come.

Under the agreement announced today, Pac-12 Networks eventually will telecast a total of 850 live events annually – 350 on the national feed and 500 on the regional feeds — including every football game and every men’s basketball game that isn’t carried by national telecast partners. Additional events will include spring football, and every sport played by Pac-12 programs including all conference championships. Pac-12 also will be working to launch additional content on broadband.

The conference will also flaunt Olympic sports on its new network, with talk of also televising high school games.

Larry Scott also addressed the future, stating that Texas would not be inclusive in any expansion plans, as it drags the Longhorn Network behind it.

The commissioner chose Pac 12 media day in New York to expose the new project, and it comes just two months after the conference announced a 12-year $3 billion deal with Fox.

The Pac 12 has more than arrived, it’s taking big steps forward.

Fight On!

[Seattle Times]

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