TMZ stand-up leads to Tyler suspension

It took only three days after a TMZ video surfaced for Marc Tyler to feel the repercussions. The USC running back has been suspended for the team’s opener, with further disciplinary action pending.

The sentence, which also removes him from team activities, came in response to intoxicated ramblings caught on camera outside the Voyeur Nightclub. In his act, Tyler joked about sexual relationships between athletes and the Kardashians, before capping his performance with a claim that his current program pays more than the NFL.

I’m not going to judge Marc Tyler, the individual, because I’ve had my share of moments where alcohol led me to believe I was ready for the Improv. But there is a huge difference between him and I, in that I carried the torch for no one, and no media outlet had interest in anything I had to say.

Athletes will reap the reward of bright lights and the big football stage. It enables names and images to remain fresh, as they continue a climb to the next level. But the notoriety comes with sacrifice, which is a decrease in privacy and a media muzzle. This is a nation founded on the principles of freedom, but as an athlete, you better watch what you say.

For a program now penalized for a player receiving impermissible benefits, and in the process of repairing its image, any reference to “breaking bread” is in poor taste. This may have been funny in states like Georgia, Louisiana, or even a city of closer proximity like Westwood. But at USC, there is no humor to be found by a program treading lightly on eggshells as it steps away from its past.

“I want to apologize for embarrassing USC, my teammates and coaches. I am disappointed that I let down all the people who have supported me as I have been working through some personal issues. After meeting today with Mr. Haden and Coach Kiffin, I realize how my behavior and my statements, even though I was joking, can reflect poorly on so many people.”—Marc Tyler

The statements Tyler made to TMZ are a third strike with intoxication in the past four months, with two earlier instances occurring in April. His words not only prompted a swift response from the USC Athletic Department, but also from Rob Kardashian on twitter, reacting to comments made about his siblings.

I can appreciate Rob standing up for his sisters, but the Kardashian reputation is self made, and not built by Tyler or USC. And as for Tyler being a disgrace to the program and school, I have to wonder how the brother Kardashian feels about O.J. Simpson, someone his father defended in court.—-Or his sister’s former lover, Reggie Bush.

Marc Tyler is set to miss the September 3rd opener between USC and Minnesota at the Los Angeles Coliseum.

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~ by Anthony on July 18, 2011.

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