Top 5 solutions for the BCS ’04 Trophy

The debate over what to do with the 2004 BCS National Championship trophy was rehashed last week by a rejected appeal. With USC’s penalties remaining in place, the game of ‘keep away’ continues, as the crystal ball is tossed around in discussions that exclude the program that earned it. A year ago, it was proposed that the title be stripped and remain vacant for that calendar year. But with the events that have occurred since then, I’ve comprised a list of the five best locations for the sparkling hardware.

5. The desk of Willie Lyles

It may not boost the championship total for any particular school, but it gives recognition to Complete Scouting Services for its role in building towards them. For one trophy, Willie Lyles will watch over the youngest lone star products. And once they’ve ripened to an age to commit, the pied piper of Houston will toot his horn and lead them to a program of their his choice. Of course, the cost may vary, depending on who you are. Lyles allegedly attempted to deliver Patrick Peterson in-state to Texas A&M for $80,000, but the talented corner chose the SEC, after receiving a $6,000 contribution from LSU. It was a $25,000 payment that allegedly led to running back Lache Seastrunk’s commitment switch from USC to Oregon. At the going rate, sending one crystal ball to Houston should deliver at least one 5-star prospect in exchange.

4. Columbus Ink

What better way to increase the recruiting lure than to shed Pat Haden of the conservative image and shine him in the light of the younger generation. Kids are highly influenced by what they see, and professional athletes stained in body ink give them a craving to be and do the same. There is no denying that for the price of gold pants and Big 10 championship rings some Buckeyes received excellent work from Fine Line Ink in Columbus. So in trade for a national championship prize, Troy’s main man should easily be entitled to two sleeves and the majority of his torso. The BCS may not exist forever, but Haden removing his shirt to display the image of traveler romping beneath a fiery Olympic cauldron most definitely will.

3. Charitable Donation

Tithing is customary in most of the world’s religions. There is no greater feeling than to know you’ve unselfishly given to a cause that may eventually lead to the betterment of the church. But the object is to choose the proper church for this symbolic deposit, and the Holy Zion Center for Deliverance in Newman Georgia is a prime target. You see, no one ever wants to be outdone by the SEC, so it’s important to at least try to match what has already been stacked in Cecil Newton’s collection plate. The trophy is valued at around $30,000, which falls well short of the $180,000 the Pastor was seeking for his son’s services. But the item adds to the building’s character and decor, especially when displayed beneath the cross and adjacent to the Heisman.

2. Behind the Woodshed

There’s no telling what kids may find behind the woodshed, but if we ship the award to the 2004 runner up, they’ll discover a sparkling treasure. If Oklahoma accepts the trophy, it would find difficulty in displaying it openly to the public. There’s no way to justify a champion receiving a 55-19 ass kicking in the final game. Sure, it can point to the ineligible Reggie Bush and paint the opponent as a cheater, but this is only acceptable in a loss by seven points or less. To do this otherwise, with the final score reflected, is to say one man was 36 points better than the entire Sooner team, which is a damaging blow to the ego.  It is also a humiliating defense, being that Bush accounted for zero touchdowns on that January day.

1.Heritage Hall

The most likely solution is an asterisk, which would in turn leave the trophy in possession of its rightful owner. No, it wouldn’t be displayed among the other awards at USC’s Heritage Hall, and a 2004 BCS champion would be stricken from the books. But for years to come, generations will eye the vacancy, and it will direct them to Southern California, Reggie Bush, and a romp over Oklahoma. Memories won’t vanish with a coat of liquid paper or be erased by the rubber tool of a pencil. Any attempt to show no champion for 2004 will result in the opposite. The emptiness leads to the most dominant championship performance in the history of the series. An asterisk prolongs the life of a legendary team, as it peaks the interest of those too young to have known them, while also ensuring that older witnesses will never forget.

We can follow the bouncing ball until it finally settles in place. But no matter where that place may be and who finally claims ownership, the letters reflecting from the crystalline glass will always read U-S-C.

Fight On!


~ by Anthony on June 5, 2011.

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