Bengals prepare for Palmer’s departure

Reggie Bush wasn’t the only former Trojan put on alert this weekend. Just as the Saints played their hand in drafting running back Mark Ingram in the first round, the Bengals may have done the same in acquiring TCU quarterback Andy Dalton on Friday.

Though the circumstances are different, the message in Cincinnati is pretty clear. It has acknowledged Carson Palmer’s threat to retire before returning to play in stripes—and then raised him one.

What the franchise couldn’t address with a lockout and lack of free agency and player trades, it did through the NFL draft. It was long speculated that the front office would pull the trigger on a potential replacement for the draft’s first overall pick in 2003, and it obliged the masses by reeling in Dalton in round two.

With the Bengals prepared to go in a new direction, all that remains is a direction for Palmer to take. One possible destination was San Francisco, but that doesn’t appear likely with the Niners selecting Kaepernick to add to the roster. But there are some cities shopping for a new man under center, and they allowed three rounds to pass without flinching on a rookie. Buffalo and Miami quickly come to mind, along with Arizona and Larry Fitzgerald’s preference to play with a veteran. And of course, you can’t rule out Pete Carrolll and his Seahawks, where Palmer would be reunited with his No. 1 target from the Heisman winning season at USC

~ by Anthony on April 30, 2011.

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