How hot is Kiffin’s seat?

Unlike Pete Carroll, who had the luxury of following Paul Hackett, Kiffin bears the burden of trailing Los Angeles’ former king. The task alone would automatically place any incoming coach on the hot seat, but dire circumstances have given the second year coach a pass—or at least one would think.

A website titled ranks college football’s leading men according to job security, listing them in categories ranging from hot seat, edge of hot seat, and safe for now. It also posts their salaries, along with win-loss records and number of years with the current program. And when it comes to Lane Kiffin, it either ignores the current situation at USC or feels it should have no impact on coaching performance.

Kiffin is the only hot seat coach on the list having to work through scholarship reductions and a postseason ban, so I would love to know the exact criteria for the rankings.  Is it the estimated $4 million salary that is second only to Mack Brown in the red shaded area? Maybe, with that much loot on the table, Kiffin is expected to reach to his inner Anne Bancroft and guide the disabled Patty Duke program to overcome adversity and reach ultimate success.  Or then again, maybe it views Lane as a walking violation, and believes it’s only a matter of time before he commits another offense.

But here’s my gripe, aside from the fact that my fearless leader is improperly ranked. If the coaches are listed according to being most in danger of hitting the unemployment line, and the site is updated to reflect movement, shouldn’t the top spot be occupied by the person most desperate to save his job? If this is the case, Jim Tressel’s posterior would set off smoke alarms in every hall of The Ohio State.  Wouldn’t you think?

I can guarantee that Paul Wulff  (#1 on the list) will be coaching Washington State in September, as will Houston Nutt and Mike Locksley at their current locations. I can’t say the same about Tressel, with so much uncertainty surrounding the situation in Columbus. Why is the vest not holding down the top spot in April, on a chart that measures job security?

My top-3 would read as follows:

1. Jim Tressel, Ohio State– For what’s already been said

2. Bill Stewart, West Virginia– Because it’s already predetermined that he will not be the head coach in 2012. –the site lists him as safe for now. —Really?  Does he become “hot” in December?

3. Rick Neuheisel, UCLA– Because his monopoly piece is the horse’s ass and the “chance” cards have all been played. Slick Rick has no one left to blame.

Would you agree?

Not that your opinion matters, since it’s my ranking and blog, just as it is for It views Kiffin as a hot seat coach, and I say you can’t even preheat the oven until the penalty period has ended. We obviously have two different methods of measuring hotness, but of course, mine is right.

The Pac 12 placed 5 coaches in the website’s top-25—Take that, SEC!

Fight On!

[Hot Seat Rankings]


~ by Anthony on April 27, 2011.

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