That sound you heard were the brakes of the NCAA enforcement wagon coming to an abrupt stop, which makes it easier for its occupants to focus on the image in the rear view. Before these men and women could settle into Eugene and the pages of accounts payable and products received, Yahoo Sports launches another skyward flare, summoning the group back to Columbus.

Charles Robinson and Dan Wetzel are breaking a story for Yahoo sports that spotlights Jim Tressel as having knowledge of player violations as far back as April 2010. The original story became public in December, to which the sweater vest claimed he had no knowledge and was hearing it for the first time. The other claim was that the players were “unaware that they were committing violations” by swapping items in exchange for tattoos.

Players participating in the NCAA version of “Ohio Ink” are set to serve five game suspensions beginning this fall. And though there was dissent to the leniency of the punishment, the issue was to have closure.

Finding “closure” and  “NCAA” in the same sentence is about as likely as spotting Antonio Cromartie in an infertility ad.  Everything remains open for future review.  Items are simply swept to one side of the room with the door partially cracked. From there, it takes just a small gust of wind to rattle the pages and whisk them back in plain sight. And just two months after sweeping improper benefits into a tidy pile, THE Ohio winds are blowing in the form of a source claiming to have informed Buckeyes Coach Jim Tressel of the wrongful acts months before the public became aware.

This new revelation, valid or not, could spell good news for Oregon. The Ducks would love nothing more than to be moved to the back pages, while the Buckeyes man the front lines of the infraction war. But it is bad news for a committee that has done more probing in the past year than an OB/GYN, and continues to be spread thin by the surfacing of red flags in abundance.

What mother always said is true. Put plenty of thought into any decision that marks your body with ink, because the images are permanent and won’t simply fade away.  GPS coordinates are now reset for Columbus, as the NCAA tour rolls on.

Update: THE Ohio State University has suspended football Coach Jim Tressel for two games and fined him $250,000 for failing to report a violation. This is only the beginning. Things may get real ugly for the Buckeyes in days to come.


~ by Anthony on March 8, 2011.

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