Duck Season: NCAA investigators go hunting in Eugene

What began as a rumor from the lips of ESPN’s Colin Cowherd on radio, has grown to identifying a school and Sports by Brooks reporting that NCAA investigators are en route to Oregon.

The topic of discussion will be a $25,000 payment from the athletic department to an entity by the name of Complete Scouting Services, and received by Willie J. Lyles. An Oregon spokesman confirms the payment. The alleged violation that sparks this investigation stems from Lyles having a relationship with Lache Seastrunk, and whether or not the money and relationship directed the Temple Texas running back to attend the University in Eugene.

If Lyles and (Dallas-based Baron) Flenory aided in or were involved in any way in the recruitment of student athletes to Oregon, they would be classified as boosters by the NCAA, and any payment to them from the school would be considered a violation of Bylaw 13. Bylaw 13 prohibits boosters from directing a recruit to a school.–SBB

I actually find it amusing that the NCAA witch hunt has been rerouted to 25K in the Pacific Northwest, leaving $180,000 pay-for-play on the table in Alabama. But fret not, Oregonians, as I’ve drawn up a scheme guaranteed to clear all parties of wrongdoing.

  • Seastrunk says he wasn’t aware that Lyles received payment.
  • Oregon claims it was unaware of the relationship between the player and mentor
  • Everyone sings in chorus that the kid planned on being a duck, regardless of transactions unknown to him.

Sure, the song lacks originality, but it has topped the Southern charts for 14 weeks and counting.

Or better yet, use the “ignorance of the rules” defense, which would in turn warrant a five game suspension for the running back, with the five game frame being of Oregon’s liking.  But if ignorance is your option, please remember to dot the “i”.

And as a last resort, if all else fails, use Lane Kiffin as a scapegoat. After all, linking Kiffin to recruiting violations across the country has become the trendy thing to do.  You’re definitely not hip is Kiff hasn’t committed a secondary violation at your school.

What will investigators uncover in Eugene? I don’t know. Maybe they’ll find something or nothing at all. But rest assured, as this story moves forward, the NCAA will find some way and somehow to make an ass of itself.   That much is guaranteed.


~ by Anthony on March 4, 2011.

2 Responses to “Duck Season: NCAA investigators go hunting in Eugene”

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  2. the ncaa is a hypocritical joke. i liked your use of the words “witch hunt”.

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