Pac 12 vs Tupac Shakur

Conference expansion was already foreseeable in 2005.  The ACC’s poaching of Virginia Tech, Miami, and Boston College in the earlier part of the decade acted as a precursor of things to come. The Pac 10 eventually rolled with the realignment trend, adding Utah and Colorado to it’s membership this fall.

The increase by two required a renaming of the longstanding conference to remain mathematically correct. The Pac 12 brand was born, along with trademarks and logos to welcome the new league.   But as officials sought change and transition with ease, they encountered an internet obstacle in the form of Tupac Shakur.

The Pac 10 is requesting through arbitration the domain name, which is owned by another party that is refusing to budge.  The url currently takes you to a page featuring a simple widget containing 12 albums that can be  purchased through Amazon that were  recorded by the late rapper who was often referenced by the shorter name of “Pac”.

This is the conference’s second domain name dispute over the past two years, and for future reference, and a head start, is currently available.


~ by Anthony on February 8, 2011.

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  3. lmao. That’s awesome.

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