Marcus Allen surfaces as Woodson has his day

The post Super Bowl hangover usually consists of a barrage of statistics, records, and comparisons, with XLV offering the same. Green Bay’s Charles Woodson was highlighted in many day-after discussions, as he entered a Gridiron club thin in membership. The Packers cornerback has now joined Tony Dorsett, Marcus Allen, and Reggie Bush as the only players to win college football’s National Championship, the Heisman Trophy, and a Super Bowl ring.

Two of these men are enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, with Woodson’s induction awaiting his retirement and Bush still scripting a resume. But when it comes to overall achievements behind the facemask, it is Woodson and Allen that step forward, boasting football success that is doubtful of duplication.

National Champion– Marcus Allen (USC, 1978), Charles Woodson (Michigan, 1997)

Heisman Trophy– Marcus Allen (1981), Charles Woodson (1997)

NFL Offensive Rookie of The Year– Marcus Allen, 1982
NFL Defensive Rookie of The Year– Charles Woodson, 1998

NFL Offensive Player of The Year– Marcus Allen, 1985
NFL Defensive Player of The Year– Charles Woodson, 2009

Super Bowl Champion– Marcus Allen (1983), Charles Woodson (2010)

Allen is long from the game, and the 34 year old Woodson is nearing an end. The collection of individual and team accomplishments throughout their careers is unparalleled, and Southern California’s Heisman winner has room to take another step forward to leave him standing alone.

Though Allen shares similar feats with the younger Woodson, he also carries items the cornerback has yet to obtain and is unlikely that he will. Allen’s 191 yards rushing against the Redskins in Super Bowl XVIII earned him the games MVP honors. Along with his Offensive player of the year award in ’85, he was also named NFL MVP by the Associated Press. And in the latter stage of his career, the running back that broke in as the league’s top rookie with the Oakland Raiders, was named the ’93 NFL Comeback Player of the Year for his effort with the Kansas City Chiefs.

It’s an elite society of National Champions, Heisman and Super Bowl winners, and its numbers are few. But as you spotlight and breakdown the overall accomplishments of its membership, the list begins to narrow, thinning first to two, before settling on Marcus Allen for the greatest overall career in cleats.

~ by Anthony on February 8, 2011.

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