Jordan Campbell removed from list of ‘1st Round’ execs

The story of Dillon Baxter’s suspension first broke on Friday, and the identity of the sports agent in his company was revealed. Teague Egan, the CEO and chairman of “1st Round Entertainment” was the perpetrator, and among the executives listed for the agency was Jordan Campbell, a former USC linebacker that has since transferred to Louisville.

As the story continued to gather attention, visits were made to Facebook accounts of the agency reps and to the official website for 1st Round. But if you viewed that site on Saturday and returned to it today, one thing is noticeably different, and it’s the sudden absence of Campbell. I didn’t find it necessary to take a screen shot of the version before the edit, but this is how it appears now:

With more information surfacing, you have to wonder if the removal of Campbell has anything to do with his status at Louisville, and any hopes of protecting it.  Two days ago, he publicly held himself out as a representative of a sports agency, and less than 72 hours later, he no longer exists—or at least they would like you to believe he doesn’t.

Going from full partner to a silent one overnight has to draw suspicions of some type of wrongdoing. Conquest Chronicles has been on top of the story since it first broke, and provides photos taken from 1st round Facebook that shows past and current USC players attending a 1st round event. Jordan Campbell is visible in those photographs. CC has also dug into the archives to find articles from the time period just before Campbell’s departure from Southern California.

There has been no ruling on the eligibility of Dillon Baxter for this weekend’s game. But considering the golf cart ride across campus to be a benefit provided by an agent, there was an estimated cost, and Baxter will have to repay $10. The NCAA has knowledge of the recent occurrences on campus.


~ by Anthony on November 22, 2010.

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