Dillon Baxter suspended for agent contact

In a bizarre story coming out of USC, freshman Dillon Baxter has been suspended by Lane Kiffin for apparent contact with a sports agent. What makes the story strange is the said contact occurred on a golf cart on campus, and the agent is a Southern California student.

According to sources, Baxter was unaware of the status of the person in question, but he is acknowledged by Kiffin and other members of the athletic department as an agent. The occurrence was reported by USC to the NCAA, and Baxter has been ruled ineligible for this weekend’s game against Oregon State.

Many are dumbfounded by the fact USC has an agent among the student population, but shouldn’t be. Agents aren’t always the middle aged men in fancy suits that we often visualize when the word arises. The Empire’s piece, “Pimpin’ aint easy”, highlights one agent, Josh Luchs, that came forward and confessed his contribution to the growing problem in amateur athletics. In that confession, he admits to being just 20-years old when first providing impermissible benefits to a player.

Since arriving in the spring, Baxter has often been compared to Reggie Bush. With this new development, the comparisons are stronger. USC is still in the process of appealing sanctions imposed by the NCAA for violations committed by the Bush family and others.


~ by Anthony on November 19, 2010.

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