Wolf AP ballot more than a local head scratcher

In Los Angeles, we’ve become accustomed to Scott Wolf’s journalism and head scratching ballots.  Often drawing criticism for what some have called “spotty reporting” and “Trojans football hating”, the USC alumnus is a fixture of the L.A. sports media and a weekly voter in the Associated Press college football poll.

After creating a local buzz with each of the AP ballots submitted, Wolf’s eye popping power rankings have sprouted legs and traveled across the country.  In an ESPN piece titled “The most controversial pollsters”, Wolf received that honor, and I can hardly say that I’m surprised.

The weekly winner of this somewhat dubious honor is Scott Wolf of the Los Angeles Daily News. Every week, I receive multiple complaints about Wolf, almost entirely from the Midwest, claiming that he is “a serial Big Ten hater.” According to Pollspeak’s “Pollstalker,” he routinely ranks the Big Ten teams lower than most of the sixty AP Top 25 voters and has won Pollspeak’s user-determined “Worst Voter” award three of the season’s first six weeks.ESPN

Three weeks ago, Scott Wolf attributed to Texas’ lone first-place vote in the AP poll.  Those Lonhorns are now on the verge of losing their third consecutive game, as they visit Lincoln Nebraska this week.  His most recent ballot shows TCU at No. 1.  The Buckeyes are ranked seventh, with the rest of the Big 10 programs bunched near the bottom and drawing Midwestern ire.

But don’t fret it, Big 10ers.  It’s just one vote.  In time you’ll develop the technique now common to Angelinos when viewing that ballot, which is to glance, eyeroll, and move on.


~ by Anthony on October 14, 2010.

One Response to “Wolf AP ballot more than a local head scratcher”

  1. the real question is how in the world wolf even gets a vote. i hope they take it away from him and give it to someone more deserving.

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