Regarding the Heisman and what’s-his-name

Early this morning Yahoo Sports reported that the Heisman Trust was stripping what’s-his-name of the 2005 Stiff-arm trophy. The story was later refuted by ESPN’s Chris Fowler, who stated that the original report was inaccurate, as the Trust Committee had not made any formal decision.

This sparked somewhat of a paper war, with both Yahoo and ESPN sticking to their claims. But in the end, why should I care who is right or wrong?

USC has already returned the trophy to the original sender, as part of the disassociation process. As far as the school is concerned, old what’s-his-face only spent one year in the program, and didn’t win any awards or honors. Any unfinished trophy business is now strictly between player No. 25 of the New Orleans Saints and the Heisman Trust, with absolutely no connection to the institution.

In case you were living in a cave, or existing on the Westwood Campus where basketball and softball hog the sports headlines, the disassociation of that former star played out like Sethi’s banishment of Moses in “The Ten Commandments”, with the substitution of a few words, of course.

“Let the name [Reggie Bush] be stricken from every book and tablet, stricken from all pylons and obelisks, stricken from every monument of [Troy]. Let the name [Reggie Bush] be unheard and unspoken, erased from the memory of men for all time.”The Ten Commandments, 1956

Ridiculous, isn’t it?

Even more ridiculous are the vultures hovering in hopes of feasting on the carcass. Mack Brown says the Heisman Trophy should be awarded to Vince Young, being that he was the runner up in the voting. That’s certainly better than leaving the award vacant for 2005, because a lone asterisk will still point to the unmentionable name.

But let’s say the player was found to be ineligible back in December of 2005. He pulled votes away from his teammate, Matt Leinart, who eventually finished third in the voting. If you take one guy out, and those votes flow towards his quarterback, does Young still finish second? Rewinding can be complicated, and emphasis will be placed on the point of restoration.

If it were solely based on Vince Young’s Rose Bowl performance, he’s the hands-down winner, and the Trophy should be shipped to his home immediately. Hell, I’d even throw in my old Pinewood Derby Cub Scout trophy for good measure, because I may never witness a repeat of those heroics. But if the award is measured by overall regular season performance, that changes things. Not that Vince didn’t have a great 2005, but Leinart, having already won the award the previous year, certainly was no slouch.

Besides for the Heisman, we have Tommy Tuberville reaching for the 2004 crystal ball. He feels Auburn is the rightful resting place for Southern California’s dead item. I would grab my picket sign and parade with the former Tiger’s coach, if they had actually played in the game.

USC was denied the 2003 BCS championship, because as the top team in the nation they were inexplicably not chosen to play in that game. Under a somewhat similar circumstance (rank excluded), how does Auburn expect it to work? My understanding is that participation was required before holding the title, and voters were contractually obligated to only select the winner of that BCS championship game as the No. 1 team. The Tigers would have a stronger campaign for the AP championship, but unfortunately, that one hasn’t been vacated.

Bob Stoops is more than accepting of the 2004 vacancy, and doesn’t believe it should be filled by anyone. But of all people, Stoops and Oklahoma should want a 55-19 ass kicking wiped clean from the books, as if it never happened.

Look, I’m accepting of the changes, but plenty of thought should go into the replacement process. Don’t dump trophies in the first bowl of the soup line. Select the persons and programs most worthy. But even in doing so, people will always remember REGGIE BUSH and USC, be it either in a positive or negative light.  The entire debacle  isn’t that easy to forget.

Fight On!

[Yahoo Sports] [ESPN]


~ by Anthony on September 7, 2010.

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