Kiffin still haunted by ghosts of Tennessee

It’s been eight months since Lane Kiffin peeled out of Knoxville, leaving the University of Tennessee behind.  He filled his luggage with the necessities to start anew, discarding all useless items for his California trip. But now he’s finding it difficult to separate himself from some baggage acquired during his one year reign over the Voluteers program, and those are the same items the NCAA is waiting for him to claim.

After accepting the head coach position at USC, Kiffin managed to get several staff members and Vols recruits to follow him to the west coast, which quickly gave him the best of both worlds.  But one thing he never anticipated is Tennessee’s hostesses following him as well.

The NCAA is asking to speak to former Tennessee running back Bryce Brown about his recruitment by Lane Kiffin and the Volunteer staff.  Brown is pictured above with a hostess named Lacey Pearl Earps, and is just one of several recruits allegedly approached by hostesses during off-campus visits.

Off-campus recruiting is limited to coaches and their staff.  Hostesses are considered representatives of the school, and if there is any truth to the allegations of these females assisting away from campus, a violation is clearly committed, even if secondary.  Hostesses may be just one ingredient in a probe aimed to reveal unauthorized recruiting practices during the former coach’s watch.

If sufficient evidence is provided to support the allegations, it would be a mark against Tennessee and not have anything to do with Southern California.  But if the NCAA is also mounting a case against Kiffin for choosing to repeatedly ignore the rules while bundling infractions, he could draw penalties that would set future restrictions on recruiting, which would in turn affect the Trojans.

We’re accustomed to coaches walking away from dirt and coming up clean in new programs, and Kentucky’s John Calipari is one of the first names to come to mind.  But you may also recall the misfortunes of Kelvin Sampson, who carried his penalties and probation with him from Oklahoma, before being banned from coaching for new violations at Indiana.

Kiffin may have thought his short relationship with Al Davis and the Raiders was the most horrifying experience of his coaching career, but that was before he moved to the Southern California mansion that is being haunted by the ghosts of Tennessee past.


~ by Anthony on August 11, 2010.

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