Why is Kiffin the ‘Sleazebag’?

It’s typical in any rivalry for one school to take advantage of the other’s misfortunes. And UCLA, sticking to script, hasn’t missed an opportunity this summer to press their boots deep into the sides of the bad-press Trojans.

Westwood has loaded its barrels and fired its shots, and for the most part, accurately connected on a program entering a period of shame. But sometimes a trigger man is overzealous, and in a rush to draw a pistol, he will discharge into his own foot.

Such is the case of the Bruin Nation, attempting to fire upon Southern California’s new Athletic Director, before his bottom is warm in the chair. They delivered a shot without focus, referencing Pat Haden’s role in hiring a “sleazebag” (Lane Kiffin) as the new head coach. It was off target, sailing wide of Hertiage Hall, and connecting between the eyes of one Slick Rick Neuheisel.

The rap on Kiffin is that he abandoned one program to coach another. In Tuscaloosa, statues are erected for those who have done the same. In Michigan, they pay a portion of the buyout. In Arkansas, they don’t care if abandonment occurs before the season is complete.  And in Westwood, it’s okay to stiff another program, if it’s in pursuit of personal dreams:

“There is no place I would rather be coaching than UCLA,” said the 50-year-old Howland. “This has always been my dream job. I grew up a Bruin basketball fan and it still is hard for me to believe that I am the caretaker of the program that Coach Wooden built.–UCLAbruins.com

And of course, Ben Howland expressed this after completing just one year of his new 7-year contract at Pittsburgh.

If we want to talk about sleaze and college football, it only takes a second to pull up Rick Neuheisel’s coaching resume.

  • Colorado (1995-1998)- 51 NCAA rules violations under Neuheisel’s watch. This resulted in a loss of scholarships and two years probation. Slick Rick was already long gone by the time investigators made the discovery.
  • Washington (1999-2002)- Neuheisel was implicated in illegal gambling and terminated by the University. In 2009, the Seattle Times published a story titled Victory and Ruins, outlining criminal conduct by Neuheisel’s UW teams, and how it was overlooked by the former coach in order to keep talent on the field.

Neuheisel’s reputation forced UCLA into what I like to call a “Fruit of the Loom” clause, since nothing has covered more American asses than the longtime clothing manufacturer.

“As insurance in Neuheisel’s five-year, $6 million contract, any of the potential $500,000 he may earn in yearly bonuses must be forfeited or returned if the N.C.A.A. levies sanctions against U.C.L.A.”—NY Times

So, before little bear goes firing his musket in the dark, it’s important to know that Haden assisted in the hiring of an opportunist, and it was Dan Guerrero that hired a sleazebag.


~ by Anthony on July 21, 2010.

5 Responses to “Why is Kiffin the ‘Sleazebag’?”

  1. Home Run Anthony!

    Home Run!!!

  2. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Rohan Venkat, Trojan Empire. Trojan Empire said: Why is Kiffin the 'sleazebag'? http://wp.me/psfSt-Je […]

  3. So spot on, simply outstanding! Why does USC let Hater Nation drive the narrative on this? I think it’s simply that we are not obsessed with others, as others are obsessed with USC.

  4. Hit it out of dodger stadium into the police academy pool, nice one Anthony

  5. As a Husky alum I have nothing but disdain for Slick Rick, but to say he was implicated in “illegal gambling” while at Washington is grossly incorrect. There is a difference between the definition of “violation” and “illegal”. Rick did the same thing millions of Americans do every year, he filled out a College Basketball Bracket. There is nothing illegal about that. That is a violation of NCAA rules, you know, like playing an ineligible RB for instance.

    I’m with you, Slick Rick is a lowlife of a human being. In fact, what brought me to your website was I was looking for a picture of him to attach to a story I’m about to publish about what a fraud he is. But he was not implicated in any type of illegal gambling while at Washington or any other school or job.

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