About that photo evidence of Todd McNair

USCfootball.com published a photograph that displays Todd McNair, Faizon Love, Michael Michaels, and Lloyd Lake together at a gathering.  McNair, of course, is the former running backs coach under Pete Carroll, and Michaels and Lake represent the agency that provided Reggie Bush with improper benefits.

This is a photo the NCAA used as evidence linking McNair to a relationship with the Bush accusers, and it was supposedly taken in October of 2005.  USC questioned the authenticity of the photo, which you can VIEW HERE, and the website had their own expert examine the picture and come to this conclusion:

“I would not say it’s been doctored significantly using something like Photoshop,” the expert said. “The uniform darkening in the background is one thing that gives me pause because there is nothing in the background to line the people up with. As far as cropping the photo, that is a definite possibility, but I couldn’t say for sure unless I saw the actual file. The pixel size of the photo is not typical, no camera has that as an original size. That is the first sign that the image was re-sized and possibly cropped.”

Now, I wouldn’t call myself a photo expert, but I do create my own images, and lighting and pixel size isn’t the first thing that jumps out at me.  I don’t know whose hand that is on McNair’s shoulder, but the index finger is definitely cropped. Well, unless that person had a partial amputation, severing the digit in a perfectly straight line to make it resemble a claw….Take another look.

Then again, it could just be a very bad quality photo that lost a lot after being copied.  That wouldn’t really explain that finger, but in fairness, at least I’m trying to cover both angles.  Maybe it’s my eyes playing tricks on me.  Are your eyes also playing tricks on you?

Okay, now that you’ve seen the photo, here’s the big question, and one that the NCAA probably couldn’t find an answer to either.  Who would go to the trouble of doctoring a photograph to group McNair with those other individuals?

Lake’s ultimate goal wasn’t to topple USC.  His target was Reggie Bush, as he demanded repayment of money received.  He eventually settled out of court with the Bush family for a reported $3 million.  So who would alter this photograph, and why?

[Full story@ USCfootball.com]


~ by Anthony on June 30, 2010.

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