USC formally seeks reduction of penalties

The University of Southern California formally filed its appeal to the NCAA on Friday.  Facing some of the harshest penalties to be handed down, the institution is willing to accept a bowl ban in 2010, but is asking for a reduction in other areas.

The NCAA banned the Trojans two-years from postseason play, beginning with any bowl games to be played at the end of the upcoming season.  The program is asking that it be shaved to one, regaining postseason eligibility in 2011.

Colorado and Utah are set to join the Pac 10 conference in that year, with a divisional split and conference championship game to follow.  Removing the postseason ban would untie the hands and allow USC to compete for a conference crown in the postseason, as well as closing the door for players searching for an exit without penalty.

The Trojans are also seeking a reduction in the amount of scholarships to be lost.  The penalty calls for 30 scholarships to be cut over a three year period.  USC is asking that it be trimmed to 5 in each of those years.

The obvious focus is on the future and maintaining the ability to compete.  I see no mention of challenges to vacated victories, and why would there be?  What is done is done, and though wiping victories from the books ends some personal streaks, the effects are minimal in comparison to the future outlook with all penalties secured firmly in place.


~ by Anthony on June 25, 2010.

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