Refocus: Utah to the Pac 10

Just as quickly as Texas did an about-face, the Pac 10 refocused to target Utah as school number twelve.  Early reports state that Utah has informed the Mountain West Conference of their intent to join the Pac 10.

The admission of Utah would increase the conference number to an even twelve, enabling two divisions and a championship game.  The most likely scenario would be to place the incoming Buffaloes and Utes in a northern division consisting of the Washington and Oregon Schools, with the California and Arizona institutions bringing up the South.

This is a far cry from the original picture painted by Larry Scott, but with the Big XII agreeing to remain intact, despite being down two members, the Pac 10 was left with a shallow pool to choose from.

A Utah move to the Pac 10 would all but end the Mountain West bid to become a BCS conference.  Boise State announced its decision to join the MWC, which brings added support to their cause.  But the absence of Utah, and rumors that the Big XII may have interest in TCU, weakens the argument.

Representatives have not confirmed or denied Utah’s intentions.—Stay tuned.


~ by Anthony on June 15, 2010.

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