Bevo a no-show at Pac 10 party

Texas has rejected an invitation to join the Pac 10, shattering the vision of creating a super conference out west. The Longhorns held the fate of the Big XII in one hand, and the future of the Pac in the other.  In the end, it was the weight of money that determined its destination.

Larry Scott created a model, and Texas was the key to its foundation.  The Pac 10 can still expand, of course, but without burnt orange inclusive, the earning potential is significantly diminished.  For Scott’s vision to become reality, Texas was to be the pied piper, leading Oklahoma, Texas A&M, and others in his direction.  Without a single note played by these horns, Colorado becomes the only Big XII defector.

The Longhorns stand as the big winners, expected to make a reported $20 million to $25 million per year—and become the strongest individual brand in college sports—through network TV dollars predicted by Big 12 commissioner Dan Beebe and by setting up a network of their own.–Dave Curtis

What the Big XII receives in return for Texas’ commitment is prolonged existence.  A week ago, this was a conference teetering on dissolution, already losing Nebraska and Colorado, with a group in the South also prepared to flee.  A week later, they are trimmed to ten schools, but survivors in the conference raiding game.

Scott is now forced to go with plan “B”, continuing his search for new members, though the pickings have severely thinned.  We’ve come full circle, with even fewer programs to consider.  Boise State’s move to the Mountain West may secure the stay of BYU and Utah in the conference, and there isn’t another worthy neighbor in sight.

[Sporting News]


~ by Anthony on June 14, 2010.

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