Pac 10 Schedule ranks

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The Pac 10 has the luxury of playing a round robin format.  Unlike some of the other BCS conferences, no program can be avoided on the schedule, and the champion is determined by overall play against the league’s membership.  This obviously means the difference in each school’s yearly schedule is the list of out of conference foes.

I took a look at Jay Wilner’s ranking of non conference opponents for Pac 10 schools.  Oregon State is the no-brainer for the top spot, with the Beavers playing two top-10 teams in the first three weeks.  But the majority of the rankings, especially in the middle, are going to be strictly based on the opinion of the viewer.  I skimmed through each rank and the explanation that followed, but I fail to see how the Arizona schools place higher than USC.

5. Arizona State: vs. Portland State, vs. Northern Arizona, at Wisconsin. PSU and NAU should be cupcakes. But the Wisconsin trip separates ASU’s schedule from those below it.

PSU and NAU should be cupcakes?  Those are FCS programs. They ARE cupcakes.  Anyone scheduling two of these lower division schools on a single schedule should automatically place at the bottom of the rankings.  Wisconsin is the Diet Coke sitting on a table with those other high calorie items.  I can see the effort, but the pastries with sprinkles are difficult to ignore.

In contrast, USC will play Hawaii, Minnesota, Virginia and Notre Dame.  Wilner grades this schedule by ranking it 8th in conference.  Am I missing something?

[Full Ranking]


~ by Anthony on June 3, 2010.

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  1. hawaii is back to being a horrible team since june jones left. not as easy as portland st but still an easy win.

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