The Emperor wears new clothes?

Let’s turn another page on Reggie Bush and penalties soon to be served. In this episode, we revisit Hans Christian Anderson to present an emperor walking naked through the streets. That emperor would be Oklahoma or Auburn, who would be dressed in royal attire, after Trojan garments are stripped and replaced with a burial shroud of shame.

As depicted by Anderson nearly 200 years ago, the NCAA’s governing body would expect the public to grasp the same ideals as the characters in this tale. Anyone not viewing the new wardrobe would be deemed unfit or “hopelessly stupid”.  You would be asked to no longer see the Sooners as a defeated an embarrassed bunch, despite their 2004 Championship game failure.  They will be kings, and you should view them as such.

In truth, and regardless of any retroactive punishment, the Sooners would in fact be naked. And they would parade the streets bare, until memory fails millions of viewers, or until an entire generation does cease to exist.

Auburn would need a re-vote to make the buttons on their new attire shine. Unlike Oklahoma, they legitimately finished the 2004 season without a blemish. But to solidify their place in history, they would not only need a vacation of all games played by USC, they would also need all polls to disappear.

The Trojans went wire to wire as No. 1 in the polls for the 2004 season. They are only the second team to accomplish the feat. What it means is that from beginning to end, the letters U-S-C appeared on top. Stripping the title doesn’t remove the vote. The Tigers would become another wandering in nakedness, to those of us that are apparently—wait for it—“hopelessly stupid”.

This is the way of college sports, and how it has always been.  They giveth, and they taketh way. But in the case of USC and the BCS championship, it may actually be easier to strip than to determine who should wear the hand-me-down item.

Who exactly is the “first runner up”? Do we even know? Oklahoma was crippled by defeat, but Auburn never appeared in the Championship game. The Sooners placed second in the final regular season polls, but the Tigers were No. 2 in all polls after postseason games were played. Vacate Trojan Victories, and Oklahoma is 12-0. But regardless of the gift given by the NCAA, Auburn would have still won more games (13-0).

More difficult than weaving the new cloth is trying to find those with the proper measurements to wear it. And for the sake of argument, Urban Meyer’s Utah Utes also finished undefeated.

Final BCS Standings

1 USC (62) 13-0
2 Auburn (3) 13-0
3 Oklahoma 12-1
4 Utah 12-0

Final coaches Poll

1 USC (61) 13-0
2 Auburn 13-0
3 Oklahoma 12-1
4 Texas 11-1
5 Utah 12-0

Final Regular Season BCS Standings

1 USC 12-0
2 Oklahoma 12-0
3 Auburn 12-0
4 Texas 10-1
5 California 10-1
6 Utah 11-0

Final Regular Season Coaches poll

1 USC (35 1/3) 12-0
2 Oklahoma (16 1/3) 12-0
3 Auburn (9 1/3) 12-0
4 California 10-1
5 Texas 10-1
6 Utah 11-0

It really doesn’t matter which you choose, because I will become that little boy pointing and announcing to the masses that the newly appointed emperor is naked.


~ by Anthony on May 21, 2010.

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