Thoughts for Tuesday: Kiffin dollars didn’t make sense

HBO Sports reported an annual salary for Lane Kiffin at $4 million dollars. It was eyebrow raising then, and hardly surprising to see it closely followed now by conflicting reports on the yearly wage for USC’s new front man.

HBO’s first mistake was to be satisfied with one figure received from a private institution. Unlike public schools that are mandated to share numbers, blessed is the person receiving accurate totals beneath the billows of smoke in private ones.

For years Charlie Weis’ reported $3.2 million salary at Notre Dame was a miscalculation conveyed as fact. A number was put on the table and the media ran with it. In typical fashion, networks were in full sprint with Kiffin’s fortune, without realizing the bag was lighter than the figures printed on the outside.

$4 million seemed a bit extreme for an unproven head coach. It is especially excessive when you consider it wouldn’t take that much to pry him from Tennessee. No need to double a salary, when inching it a bit higher is usually all it takes to send a coach from here to there.

Momma’s boy

In one of the most hilarious stories I’ve read in a long time, a cease and desist order has been presented to for a report that claims LeBron James’ playoff failure is due in part to a recent revelation that one of the King’s teammates, Delonte West, was having sexual relations with his mother. The blogger continues to stand by his source, and he’s hiring a lawyer.

Lion King

How improved are the Lions? SI’s Peter King thinks Detroit could possibly win the NFC West in 2010, if they were a member of that division. I’m not sure if that really gives evidence of a powered up Motor City franchise or a division now deflated by key losses in Arizona. My take is, the Lions could be very good in 2 or 3 years, but as of today, they finish near the bottom of any division in the NFL.

Fakih the World

Congratulations to Rima Fakih on being crowned Miss USA 2010. Apparently some people have a problem with an Arab-American representing the country (as if she had just won a presidential election).  I don’t. I have a bigger problem with Miss Michigan beating Miss California. Score another one for the Big 10.  Keeping pace with others that once wore the crown,  rumors are already being spread for this year’s selection. I think all rumors should be supported with the release of pictures and video.


~ by Anthony on May 18, 2010.

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