Monday Musings: The hammer will fall

It was last week that an Empire reader, Matt Lowry, asked when the NCAA was going to announce their verdict on USC. It was a good question, considering the results of the 4-year investigation were supposed to be disclosed weeks ago, according to the timetable we were given. Now the grapevine is abuzz with news of that long awaited hammer falling sometime this week.  And why the hell not, since there’s nothing else to wait for? Bring on the verdict, while I still have an entire summer to pout. Maybe I’ll be over the decision by December, while gripping for a Trojan-less bowl season.

That’s Odd

The Big 10 has formerly offered Missouri, Nebraska, Rutgers, and Notre Dame invites to join the conference. This is according to ESPN’s Joe Schad. In response to the alleged invitations, the University of Nebraska released a statement saying their invite was either lost in the mail, sent to the wrong address, or is just a complete lie. Missouri’s response was “no comment”. My response is that Big XII schools, for whatever reason, won’t readily admit that they’ve been offered an opportunity to go elsewhere. I also respond to the Big 10 by informing them that they need to invite an odd number of schools to have a balanced end product. Unless, of course, they know Notre Dame is a definite “nay”. —11+4=15, -Domers=Big 14

Factory Workers

There were actually some people disappointed by USC’s lack of a first round selection in this year’s draft.  But ESPN’s Mark Schlabach provides a reason to lift your heads in pride and appreciate the work Trojan coaching staffs have put in over the past 30 years.

Spot Remover

So—those AP guys are getting together for a revote on the 2009 NFL defensive rookie of the year award, as well as All-Pro outside linebacker. This comes after the eye popping revelation that Brian Cushing tested positive for performance enhancing drugs last year, but was still permitted to play the entire season. It’s an NFL oopsie that will now be corrected by members of the media (who are given way too much power in sports). A recount that bans the Texans linebacker from receiving votes would probably give the award to Buffalo’s Jairus Byrd. And since we’re applying the spot remover, let’s take it a little further, by vacating all Texans victories in games where the ineligible player appeared, reducing future draft picks and the team roster by two, and imposing a postseason ban.

Brian Cushing was suspended four games and has created doubters in him – that is his punishment. Losing an award shouldn’t be tacked on.–Adam Schefter, ESPN

Cushing tested positive in Sept but passed every random test since. I voted Kevin Williams first team, so why wouldn’t I vote for Cushing?–John McClain, Houston Chronicle

There is no way–none–that as one of the 50 AP voters, I can vote for a performance-enhancer as Defensive Rookie of the Year. And I won’t.–Peter King,


~ by Anthony on May 10, 2010.

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