Brian Cushing suspended for forbidden fruit

The NFL announced today that Texans linebacker Brian Cushing will be suspended for the first four games of the 2010 season for violating the league’s steroid policy. Of all the names that could have surfaced, this one is received with little to no shock value. Cushing has spent his entire football existence connected to steroid rumors, some going as far back as high school.

I wrote a pre-draft piece on the former Trojan a year ago. In that piece, I included the barrage of rumors. That story eventually made its way to Bleacher Report, where it generated negative comments from those angered by my mention of that eight letter word.

Later, it was the NFL Draft Bible that reported Brian Cushing as one of three players testing positive at the NFL combine for steroid use. The report was deemed false, and SI.Com even issued an apology for conveying the Draft Bible’s words as truth through one of their articles. When the smoke was cleared from that premature libelous firestorm, Cushing’s father, Frank, shared these words:

“It’s ridiculous that people can keep putting out these lies,” Frank Cushing said. “We are absolutely sick and tired of this. Slander is the tool of the devil. And that’s what’s going on. This is bull. Don’t put an accusation out there unless you have definite proof. It’s wrong. You can ruin the person.”

While his son was in Los Angeles, and sitting in a USC classroom, that proof he asked for came by way of an NFL suspension for obviously testing positive for the forbidden fruit that floats in his Jamba Juice. It also means Cushing will not be eligible for any postseason awards, such as Pro Bowl participation or other honors of such. Let’s just call that the “Shawne Merriman” rule, if it isn’t already.

Aside from the suspension, at least one NFL player believes the linebacker should be disrobed, and the defensive rookie of the year award returned. Buffalo’s Donte Whitner says “cheaters” should be stripped of past honors, and the award should now rightfully be given to Jairus Byrd—His Bills teammate, no less.

As much as I love my Trojans, I tend to be somewhat in agreement with Whitner, with one exception. Give the award to Clay Matthews, because it just seems more proper.

I would say the lesson learned is that cheaters never prosper, but who would I be kidding?  Cushing was selected in the first-round, 15th overall , by the Houston Texans, earning him a contract that included $10.435 million guaranteed.

~ by Anthony on May 7, 2010.

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