Monday Musings: The incredible shrinking man

Lendale White arrived at Seattle’s mini camp carrying less baggage than in years past. The running back weighed in at 218 pounds, which is 12 pounds less than the start of Titans camp in 2009. It’s also a far cry from the whopping 260 pounds he was rumored to once carry.

The former Trojan has become the NFL’s incredible shrinking man, and his dieting secret remains undisclosed. When asked if it was the same diet that attributed to the deflation last year, White gave an affirmative response. The key to that diet was said to be the removal of tequila among items consumed.

218 pounds is lighter than Lendale’s playing weight at USC, and as Pete Carroll states, even less than he weighed during his high school recruitment.

Be Like Mike

Lendale White isn’t the only player at Seahawks training camp that has decreased in size. Mike Williams has been granted another shot at the NFL, and appears to be 30 pounds lighter than his last big league sighting in Tennessee.

In the City of grunge, coffee, and rain, Williams is apparently in the best shape since his sophomore year at USC. He’s stripped himself of bad habits that led to his NFL decline, and as he vies for a roster spot, is more comparable to the Mike Williams that drew a first round selection in the 2005 draft.

Note: I see an obvious theme here. Either stars from USC surrender their workout regimen once they leave campus, or Tennessee is the cruise ship of NFL franchises. Here’s a message to Damian Williams and Stafon Johnson. Spend more time conditioning, and less time dining and playing shuffleboard on that Titans cruise liner.

Say it aint so, Joe

Jets General Manager Mike Tannenbaum consulted with Mark Sanchez before his team selected Joe McKnight in the fourth round of the draft. Aside from the obvious skills viewed on tape, management wanted to know if he was a good teammate, to which Sanchez stated that there are few better.

What the Jets found on the first day of camp was a slumped over and vomiting McKnight, who was obviously out of shape. And as the Chronicles point out, they also found a rookie stretching the truth and improperly placing blame on his college training for his lack of physical prowess.

Pen is mightier than the sword

Matt Barkley said he would have been able to play through the pain in a game time situation, after smacking his throwing hand on the helmet of Jurrell Casey. With the warrior like mentality, he would have continued to draw his sword and combat the enemy. But after the completion of the spring game, and during the brief period of signing autographs that followed, Barkley was physically unable to participate, with the bruised hand restricting control of the pen.


~ by Anthony on May 3, 2010.

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