Sanchez record broken

Tim Tebow became a surprise first-round pick by the Denver Broncos last Thursday. In his first order of NFL business, without having to do anything but choose a number, he broke the record for jersey sales on draft weekend. The former Gator had the luxury of retaining the No. 15 worn in Florida, since it became available with the departure of Brandon Marshall. The new 15 outsold all rookie and veteran jerseys during the weekend period, surpassing the record number of Mark Sanchez Jets jerseys sold a year ago. Trailing Tebow in order were the Lions’ Ndumakung Suh, Rams’ Sam Bradford, Chiefs’ Eric Berry, and Cowboys’ Dez Bryant.

Sliding into second

Just as puzzling as Tim Tebow’s first-round selection, was the slide that sent Charles Brown grasping to the tail end of the second. The early indications revealed that scouts were high on the Trojans left tackle, yet 63 teams passed over him. The reason now surfacing for the skid was concern about a knee injury and his effectiveness to play. It’s the same reason Texas’ Sergio Kindle took a dip. Both players have been medically cleared to participate in offseason workouts.


Mark Sanchez may still be weeks away from partaking in activities with his team, but it hasn’t kept the paparazzi from their monthly game of connect the dots. In the latest so-called “love connection”, Jamie-Lynn Siegler is the apple of the quarterback’s eye. Seigler is best known for her role as the daughter of a New York mob boss in the HBO series “The Sopranos”. And of course, that information didn’t help me at all, since I never saw a single episode. Nonetheless, her photo is posted on the left, and the two were spotted together at a “Tribeca film festival” event, and also found partying at the Rose Bar afterwards.—This concludes my gossip segment, while also giving you guys a preview of what TMZ sports will be like. Can’t wait, huh?


~ by Anthony on April 28, 2010.

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