Ten for Tuesday

Let’s roll…

1. Joe McKnight is a Jet, but he came very close to landing in Seattle. Pete Carroll’s feature back at USC was listed on the Seahawks’ draft board, with the intention of selecting him in the 5th. The Jets pulled McKnight in the fourth, leaving Carroll with option No. 2, which was to trade for the suddenly displaced Leon Washington. Carroll has been collecting Trojans since he arrived in the Northwest, and the Seahawks currently have more under contract than any other team in the league.  Unfortunately, some won’t survive the final cut.

2. One of Drew Rosenhaus’ newest clients is Dwayne Jarrett. The Carolina receiver is now entering the final year of his rookie contract, and with little play and minimal production, he’s going to be a tough sell. When the Panthers drafted Garrett out of USC in the second round of the 2007 draft, it forced Keyshawn Johnson into the unemployment line. In the third round of this most recent draft, Carolina selected Brandon LaFell, which may be an indication that Jarrett’s days are numbered.

3. It is said that an unnamed Pac 10 coach violated NCAA rules by allowing a paid consultant to work with his team. Neither the school, coach, or program has been identified, but I think I can safely assume the man was Pete Carroll, for bringing in an old NFL friend to work with the Trojans’ special teams.

4. With only 39 percent of players drafted in the first two rounds of the NFL draft being among the nation’s top-100 high school prospects, I have to point out the Southern California contribution to that low number. Joe McKnight, Everson Griffen, Stafon Johnson, and Jeff Byers were all top-100 high school prospects. McKnight and Griffen managed no higher than fourth round selections. Johnson and Byers weren’t drafted at all.

5. Rick Neuheisel gave the most ridiculous excuse for Pete Carroll’s sudden departure from USC. Slick Rick cited struggles to defend mobile quarterbacks and spread systems as the culprit, specifically giving mention to Oregon as the program that flushed him out. As idiotic as it may be, at least he didn’t align with the other theorists claiming Carroll fled a dirty program that will be crippled by NCAA sanctions because of him. Neuheisel agreeing with those opinions would revisit pages of his own resume. Who wants to go there, when you can just blame it all on Oregon?

6. The Raiders had an excellent draft, which leads me to believe Al Davis slept through it.

7. Two of the top quarterbacks in the country reside in the Pac 10, and neither plays for USC. Washington’s Jake Locker and Stanford’s Andrew Luck are receiving all the early praise, but I have a feeling that Matt Barkley will be the conference’s top hurler by December.—Or maybe it’s just wishful thinking.

8. I finally saw “The Blind Side”. Yes, I’m late, but it was an excellent movie. One thing I couldn’t help but notice was Ed Orgeron playing himself as the coach of Ole Miss. Since Michael Oher’s recruitment by the crazy Cajun, Orgeron has had three different employers. Nick Saban also played himself in the film, and the same can be said for him. —By the way, for all the others just getting around to watching the movie, Lily Collins, who plays Oher’s adopted sister in the flick and is the real life daughter of musician Phil Collins, is also a student at USC.

9. The Dodgers season is off to a terrible start, but I promised myself not to panic until 80 games are played.—Are we there yet?

10. Is it me or is this spring more quiet than usual. Last year it was the nation’s top recruit battling to replace Mark Sanchez, and attempting to start as a true freshman. This year is lacking a storyline.— Then again, maybe it’s because I’ve been locked out of practices and can’t see what the hell is going on.


~ by Anthony on April 27, 2010.

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