Wish granted for Lendale White

Lendale White stood firm in his “play me or trade me” stance, and he finally got his wish. From one former USC staff member to another, White is shipped out of Tennessee and into the waiting arms of Seattle.

It only took a fourth and sixth round pick in trade to the Titans to set Lendale Free. He’s now reunited with Pete Carroll, where he’s expected to be the feature back of the new zone blocking scheme. Despite the presence of Julius Jones and Justin Forsett, White’s combination of power and vision is a better fit to revive a stagnant rush attack.

It was rumored that the Seahawks would select a runner in the first round of the draft. They never did, and were likely sitting and waiting to pull the trigger on this trade. Jeff Fisher quickly filled one spot vacated by a Trojan, by bringing in another. Seven rounds of the draft passed, and Stafon Johnson’s name was never called. But he did get a call from the Titans, who have signed him as an undrafted free agent. Johnson will compete for a roster spot this fall.

~ by Anthony on April 24, 2010.

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