Reggie Bush settles two cases

The Reggie Bush legal saga has come to a close. It wasn’t the climactic ending one would expect for a trial four years in the making, but it does satisfy two parties with some kind of a connection to the suit, namely Lloyd Lake and USC.

Lake will receive an undisclosed amount of cash, which is all he’s wanted from the start.  Bush’s reluctance to admit to any wrongdoing launched a 4-year legal journey complete with a sideshow investigation. We’ve come full circle, and it’s an exchange, like those at the root of the suit, that now ends it. The petitioner gets his reward. The respondent is a little lighter in the wallet. And as for USC, theirs is a gift of silence.

NCAA investigators heard many voices during the course of that four year period, but waited for one last peep from the man at the center of the controversy. Bush’s settlement denies them a smoking gun, opting not to give sworn testimony, which may have included details of exchanges and names of those having knowledge. Investigators can now only go with what they have, and rule based on those findings.

This is a loss for Reggie Bush, but a victory for USC. Did he take on for the team?


~ by Anthony on April 21, 2010.

2 Responses to “Reggie Bush settles two cases”

  1. He took a “hit” for himself and escaped the embarrassment of being stripped of his Heisman. Love Reggie but that’s the truth!

  2. Reggie Bush was the best player I have seen in my years of watching USC football. He truly deserved the Heisman. Yet he is quilty of breaking the rules. As much as it hurts to say this, he should lose the Heisman.

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