Anthony McCoy tests positive for Marijuana

With the NFL draft less than 5 days away, Southern California’s NFL hopefuls have completed the majority of their interviews and private workouts for potential employers.  Anything that could go wrong should have already done so, and such was the case for Anthony McCoy.  Fox Sports revealed today that McCoy tested positive for marijuana use at the NFL Scout Combine.

McCoy, along with Georgia Tech’s Jonathan Dwyer are two prospects testing positive for illegal substances.  But unlike McCoy, Dwyer has a pass.  The Yellow Jackets running back’s test revealed amphetamines, but the NFL was already forewarned that his prescription meds could trigger a positive test.  There should be no harmful effects on his draft position.

The same can’t be said for McCoy,  who is projected to be a second-round selection.  Some teams may choose to ignore it, as they did with other players in the past.  Others may use it as the deciding factor in selecting similar position players.  Time will tell, and the quickly approaching draft weekend will reveal whether the former Trojan’s stock went up in smoke.

~ by Anthony on April 18, 2010.

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