Monday Musings: Degrees of separation

Dillon Baxter’s spectacular run during Saturday’s scrimmage continues to surface in conversations. As much as I am not in favor of coaches burdening kids with heightened expectations of being  the “next Reggie Bush”, you can see in this THIS VIDEO that Kiffin’s comparison of his freshman tailback’s effort to the Heisman Trophy winner’s run against Fresno State was spot on.  Every ball carrier wants to be the next Reggie Bush, but there’s nothing wrong with building a legend of your own, becoming the first Dillon Baxter.  That, in my opinion, is the better teaching.

Degrees of Separation

Pete Carroll has declared an open competition for all spots on the Seahawks roster. Sound familiar? The philosophy is great, and has proven results at the amateur level, but may be somewhat flawed at the next. He’s said in the past that one major difference between the college game and the NFL is that he could have any player he wanted at USC. This isn’t the case on higher grounds, where you have roster limits and a draft. But what separates the two levels the most may be salary, and a need to get your money’s worth. If an owner invested a large sum of money in a player, the expectation is that he will be on the field earning it, regardless of the challenger. See Jake Delhomme’s final year in Carolina or Jamacus Russell’s entire existence in Oakland.

Quiet before the Storm

ESPN’s “Outside the Lines” gave an in-depth look at USC athletic director Mike Garrett. Often viewed as the quiet force behind Trojan athletics, the program gave hints of the opposite. According to the report, Garrett was eventually banned from the basketball locker room, following a verbal lashing of one of Tim Floyd’s players for missing a crucial free throw in a tournament game. It also alluded to a fade rout run between the AD and the football program. Garrett was visible during the Carroll’s earliest years, but basically invisible over the final two. Former Trojan Brandon Hancock shared that individual football players also fell victim to Garrett’s verbal onslaught for game time errors. Floyd and Carroll both walked away from Southern California. My feeling is that Garrett will be escorted out.

Moving on

In today’s celebrity gossip, I introduce the woman in the above photograph. Country singer Jessie James, not to be confused with bad boy biker and soon to be ex-hubby of Sandra Bullock, is rumored to be the new fling of Reggie Bush. The Las Vegas Review-Journal spotted Reggie and James’ in company at the singer’s 22nd birthday bash. Until today, I had no idea this woman existed. But of course, I’m not a country music fan. Bush also doesn’t strike me as the type to fill his Ipod with country tunes, so I’m guessing the connection has nothing to do with music. Bush recently ended a longtime relationship with socialite Kim Kardashian , and apparently wasted no time getting back in the saddle again.

The Departed

While Trojan quarterbacks Matt Barkley and Mitch Mustain lit up the sky without error on Saturday, Aaron Corp completed 6 of 18 passes for 44 yards, no touchdowns, and an interception in Richmond’s scrimmage.

Never Forget

Pete Carroll’s NFL value was inflated by annual success and championships won at USC. Not forgetting those that gave him a lift, Carroll and the Seahawks will give Big Mike Williams a workout. Williams played a major role in the Trojans 2002 and 2003 offenses. Best of luck to you, Mike—Fight On!


~ by Anthony on April 12, 2010.

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