Ten for Tuesday

1. A couple of local names found new employers on Tuesday. UTEP hired former USC basketball coach Tim Floyd, and Steve Lavin is now slotted to lead St. John’s in the fall. Floyd, of course, became the Southern California fall guy in the O.J. Mayo mess. Call him a snake oil salesman or anything else you may, but the guy has an uncanny ability to do more with less. On the other hand, Lavin led talented UCLA teams to perennial underachievement. After securing two of the nation’s top recruiting classes during his time in Westwood, Lavin’s Bruins won the Pac 10 just once. If Floyd has stepped out of the 90s to realize electronic money transfers are easier, faster, and less conspicuous, The Miners easily made the better hire.

2. The Lane Kiffin era of USC football officially began today. Change was noticeable in an instant, if you were one of those people that showed up for a peek and was not allowed in. Some are pretty upset over the sudden privacy. Personally, I doubt there’s much to see during practice #1, unless you enjoy a lot of huddling and discussions you can’t hear. If the lockout continues, my anger rages around practice 5.

3. Former Oklahoma State receiver Dez Bryant finally ran for scouts and posted times no faster than Damian Williams. One excuse is that he forgot his cleats, something we all do when we leave the house for a “run”. Supposedly the new cleats weren’t broken in, and he slid on the track. I hate to be the one to break it to you, Dez, but you’ve also slid in the draft.

4. Oregon’s LaMichael James was cleared for practice, and Jeremiah Masoli announced that he will remain in school and plan a 2011 return to football. After the Blount reinstatement last year, what are the odds that Masoli will be back with the program before the 2010 season is complete? Nothing changes a decision faster than good behavior bad losses.

5. Even if USC was one of the possible destinations for Bryce Brown, Tennessee probably wouldn’t allow the transfer. If it were an actual competition that began in January, the score would probably read Trojans 5, Vols 0. Disallowing Brown’s transfer is easily another victory for USC.

6. Remember when Ben Roethlisberger was dating Natalie Gulbis? With all that has transpired since the breakup, I’m inclined to believe Natalie didn’t like it rough.

7. Urban Meyer tells a reporter from the Orlando Sentinel that if Deonte Thompson was his son, they’d be “going at it”, because of an article written that quoted the Gators receiver. After reading the article and quotes, I realized that If Thompson was his son, he’d be the only person in the Meyer household that can recognize a “real quarterback”.

8. When Tennessee ended their run for the Final Four, it silenced all the “what ifs” about USC basketball. The Trojans defeated the Vols by 22 points earlier in the season.

9. There’s too much focus placed on the Reggie Bush/ Kim Kardashian relationship. I’ve even blogged about it myself. In this latest episode, they are together and not together. Kim is also seeing some guy she’s allegedly never heard of, and Reggie is in the sack with a California waitress that’s been dating one of his best friends for the past six years. And all this happened, because Bush’s mom disapproves of Kardashian, because of her sex tape. That’s how the story reads, when you combine gossip magazines with twitter.

10. Question:  What are the odds of Pete Carroll selecting at least one of his former players in the upcoming draft?


~ by Anthony on March 30, 2010.

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