New Maualuga makes Bengals return

Rey Maualuga attended the Bengals offseason workout on Monday, which marks the official start of football preparation for the upcoming season. The star linebacker underwent both physical and mental rehabilitation over the past three months, and rejoins his teammates with lessons learned.

A broken ankle in late December brought an abrupt end to Maualuga’s spectacular rookie season. A month later, he was involved in a DUI crash, abruptly bringing a pause to image repair. The USC product descended in the 2008 draft, as some franchises cited character issues as the culprit for his fall. His play during the course of the season forced many of those first-round GMs to lower their heads and acknowledge the errors of decision. But by late January, those same heads lifted to say —“I told you so.”

Broken bones will heal without scarring. Reparation of the heart is the more difficult and lengthy task, especially for a man strong in faith and family. He received help for both injuries, rehabilitating his ankle in Charleston South Carolina, and his mind at a treatment facility in the same location.

“I sought that help, and I got what I needed when I went in,” Maualuga said. “It was definitely a life-changer for me.”

Maualuga gave a sincere apology to his teammates and the city of Cincinnati, acknowledging the bad decision and steps taken forward to better himself.  He’s embarked on a personal mission to prove himself a better man.  I, for one, am certain he will succeed.

The Bengals are reportedly contemplating a move that would switch the second-year linebacker to the inside, a position he rode to stardom at Southern California.

Fight On, Rey—Fight On!


~ by Anthony on March 29, 2010.

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