Carroll snags one last item from the Trojan cupboard

It’s that longtime roommate that decides to move out. Most of the possessions were his, and you watch each item one by one stuffed into his travel bag. As you observe the objects being prepared for the haul, a list is created for future replacement. Such is the case for the USC athletic department in the midst of the Pete Carroll relocation project.

It wasn’t upsetting to see Jeremy Bates stacked among the coach’s items, but irreplaceable is Ken Norton Jr., a rare find for anyone looking to refurnish a kingdom. Carroll stacked his boxes full of desired staff members, and when packing was complete, the white-haired leader took flight.  In his sudden absence, we took inventory, and breathed a sigh of relief for any fragments of tradition left behind.

Hardware representing program accomplishments are immovable, unlike those who contributed to or covered the program’s success.  Some bodies had already moved north,  and on Monday, Carroll reached one last time, announcing that Ben Malcolmson will be joining him in Seattle to fill a similar position with the Seahawks.

Ben Malcolmson may not be a valuable commodity for others across the country, but with the RipsIt blog acting as the eyes and ears of Trojan football, he was priceless to a fan base that followed his reports each day. His entries often laid rumors to rest, while also supplying images and happenings of everything and anything that was USC football. For three years, he enabled us to walk an open-air palace, and his departure may affix new windows and doors that can easily be slammed shut.

Fox Sports Network shit-canned “Trojan Rewind”, and Carroll now blinds the remaining eye. Hopefully the University will name a replacement soon and allow the blog to keep rippin’. Otherwise, others like myself may be forced to scale the campus walls for a peek.

Best Wishes and good luck to you, Ben Malcolmson.—Thanks for the years of dedication to Southern California and the program.

Fight On!


Because of its success and your overwhelming feedback, the Blog will continue on in some way, shape or form into the future, and as its founder, I am confident the next person will build on the foundation we’ve laid over the last three years. A fresh perspective can and will be a good thing for the followers of this site, so I am excited to see where RipsIt goes into the future. Just like I was able to start and maintain something exciting, the next person will be able to create and build upon a captivating vehicle to connect with you and ensure USCRipsIt remains a valuable and entertaining resource. –Ben Malcolmson


~ by Anthony on March 29, 2010.

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