Chip Kelly stuck between rock and hard place

The media continues its bombardment of stories that eventually fall into Chip Kelly’s lap. There is obviously no rest for the wicked, and there isn’t a more wicked offseason than the one being experienced by the quackers in Eugene. Duck season has hunters camped along the pond, where several birds are already floating in the water.

Oregon’s second year coach has decisions to make, and those choices may impact football’s immediate future or his own credibility. Running back LaMichael James will be changing a plea from not guilty to “no contest” on a strangulation charge this Friday. Quarterback Jeremiah Masoli is facing a burglary charge of his own. Easily the two greatest factors to Oregon’s success, any decision to suspend or ignore will have a great impact on Oregon’s position in 2010.

In his short term of leadership, Kelly finds himself stuck between a rock and a hard place, and it’s a predicament he created on his own.  Linebacker Kiko Alonso was suspended for the entire 2010 season for a DUI arrest last month. That set the stage for continuity, and if a DUI results in immediate dismissal, thievery and domestic violence should easily warrant the same. If Kelly gives preferential treatment to his star players, it gives the program a black eye. If consistency and fairness prevail, dismissals would weaken a program expected to begin a championship run this fall.

One ruling Kelly won’t have to make is on the fate of Molly Maginnis (second from the left in above photo). Maginnis, a member of the Ducks cheerleading squad, was cited for DUI and minor in possession less than two weeks ago.

Update: Oregon has suspended quarterback Jeremiah Masoli for the entire 2010 season.  LaMichael James received a one game suspension.

~ by Anthony on March 10, 2010.

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