The most outlandish sanction rumors crawling the web

Mike Garrett meets with the NCAA this week in what will be the final stage of a four year investigation of USC athletics. From what I’ve recently gathered from an L.A. Times interview with the Trojans athletic director, USC will present itself with the primary focus set on convincing the panel to accept self imposed sanctions on the basketball program without additional penalty.  This would imply confidence in football, and that program having less to fear.

Despite what many believe, or would like to believe, the NCAA has yet to put together a penalty package. This will come after this week’s meetings are complete. They will then take another four to five weeks to combine their findings with Garrett’s presentation. Any penalties will be based on their determination thereafter.

This hasn’t stopped the internet from crawling with rumors of sanctions supposedly already determined and awaiting a public release. Oh, and so you know, these rumors aren’t coming from the Hatfields across town. They’re burning across the rest of the country like a wildfire, in places totally out of touch with Los Angeles’ local media and what’s really going on.  I’ve listed a few of those rumors here, and my own take on them:

•USC has committed 22 major violations (Their “sources” can’t name more than three possible)

•USC Coaches had knowledge of payments and incentives received by football and basketball players (Supposedly this is why Carroll left, but why did Kiffin come back? He was on staff during the “Reggie Bush” year in question)

•Among the victories vacated, USC will be stripped of the 2004 National title (The NCAA doesn’t recognize any championships in D-I football, so how do you strip something that technically is not there?)

•The NCAA will strip Reggie Bush of the 2005 Heisman Trophy (The Heisman isn’t presented by the NCAA)

•USC will be placed on probation for 8 years (David Sills would be a junior when the probationary period ends)

•There will be a 2-year postseason and television ban. (Television is where the NCAA makes its money)

•USC will receive the NCAA death penalty

The “death penalty”?! Are you fucking serious?


~ by Anthony on February 15, 2010.

5 Responses to “The most outlandish sanction rumors crawling the web”

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  3. […] the many conspiracy theories and outlandish rumors making the rounds re: the NCAA’s pending reaction (or lack thereof) against USC when the […]

  4. In order, from a person receiving his information from the Internet (and thus without the best of verifications):
    1. I’m sure there’s more than the three biggies uncovered. What specific number there is, we’ll all find out together.
    2. “I don’t recall” is going to fly here like an Anthony Gonzales Senate hearing. As for hiring Lane Kiffen, can’t make sense of that one; he either was the only guy they were getting given the situation they’re about to be in or they think the NCAA is toothless and are showing them two raised middle fingers with an upward motion. It indicates the fix is in or they’re [expletive] up the [expletive].
    3. They could have to give up all their victories from that season, if Reggie was playing. Yeah, the AP ain’t going back for a revote.
    4. Yeah, they can’t really give that back, but they can be told (like M******* basketball was re: certain Fab Five members – and forgive me, Buckeye fandom requires I speak not that name) that they are officially dissociated with Reggie Bush. It’s ludicrous, but there you go.
    5. Eight’s lengthy, yeah, but if they’re lucky enough to only get probation I set the over/under at four.
    6. They gave Auburn a one-year post-season/television ban for less. Do not delude yourself; the NCAA will take that hit.
    7. YES, WE ARE SERIOUS. Again, two possibilites: the fix is in, or only Lane Kiffen would take the job. I’d like to see what happens if the NCAA’s doing #1, so bet on #2 and pray I’m wrong.

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