Mark Sanchez and Kristin Cavallari share Super Bowl dip

You know it’s a slow news day, when I’m shamelessly reduced to the role of TMZ gossip columnist to give a report on who is shacking up with whom. So in my best effort to combine sports with celebrity babes, I give you Mark Sanchez in Miami on Super Bowl Sunday, walking away with a trophy of his own.

I won’t do the full blown tabloid thing, and automatically suggest that the pair is dating, but the Jets quarterback was sighted at the Maxim Super Bowl bash in the company of “Hills” villainess Kristin Cavallari. Apparently the reality star has a thing for USC quarterbacks, since she was also linked to Matt Leinart at one time. The New York Daily News gives details of many women vying for Sanchez’ attention, but his eyes apparently remained fixated on his date for the evening. The two Southern California natives left the event together, and that’s usually all it takes to establish a “relationship” in the gossip world.

In the reality series “Laguna Beach“, Cavallari claimed she was a student at USC, but this was fabricated. She was actually a student at Loyola Marymount, where she was only enrolled for one class.

[NY Daily News] [Kristin Cavallari photo shoot]


~ by Anthony on February 9, 2010.

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