The Kiffin smear campaign fails miserably

Tennessee spent 13 months loving Lane Kiffin. In his first season as a college head coach, his tactics were criticized by the media and resented by others in the SEC, but not a negative word was spoken in Knoxville . That all changed in an instant, and Vols fans unable to damage the departing coach with a hurl of objects or insults chose to open fictional closets and toss accusations instead.

Before the exit wagon was fully loaded, it was the Tennessee faithful now ready to speak of recruiting violations. Ed Orgeron was poaching, and his actions violated NCAA recruiting rules. USC was going to be hit with a new penalty, before Kiffin ever set foot on the Southern California campus.—At least, that’s how they told it. Maybe it’s easier to digest, if coach Orgeron would have allowed the hostesses to make the calls for him. And if we remember the first jackass statement made by Lane Kiffin in Tennessee, “Just so you know, when a recruit’s on another campus, you can’t call a recruit on another campus.”—You’ll also remember that he was wrong.

Once the caravan reached the west coast, out came the story of the Lexus. This part of the campaign had Lane Kiffin drunk behind the wheel, with coeds along for the ride, and eventually smashing the vehicle against an immobile object. The car stopped there, but the story didn’t. He then left the scene and walked home, eventually notifying authorities in the morning. This is actually great, if it were original. The more I heard it, the more I was taken back to former U.S. Senator Ted Kennedy and Chappaquiddick —absent a corpse, of course. Tennessee officials have since confirmed the crash of the Lexus, but there are no reports of passengers or alcohol. Also not reported is Lane Kiffin winning a senatorial seat in congress.

The Vols then moved to visuals, circulating a photograph that was allegedly Lane Kiffin in a room with coeds and alcohol.— Yes, apparently they moved from the Lexus to a structure. This was supposed to be evidence of infidelity and another negative mark for the traitor of Knoxville. But failure came in lack of recognition, and “Sports by Brooks” has identified persons in the photo. Lane Kiffin is the obvious, but also present at the gathering are Steelers coach Mike Tomlin, David Reaves (Lane’s brother-in-law), and Layla Kiffin (his wife).

For the folks in Tennessee, it’s become more wishful thinking than actual smearing, and I really don’t understand it.  The degradation of Lane Kiffin doesn’t even take much effort or creativity, and there are far better options than requesting that a waste treatment plant be named after him. If you want to instill fear into Trojans receiving your castoff, just mention his record as a head coach. He went 5-15 in his short NFL career, and finished just 7-6 after one season with the vols. Looking for a negative? How about an overall coaching record of 12-21?—But then again, maybe that brings more embarrassment, considering students nearly rioted over a loser leaving town.

If you seek the right words to make us wake in cold sweats with hearts in our throats, it only takes three little ones and an acronym.—“He lost to UCLA”.  It gets me every time.


~ by Anthony on January 21, 2010.

One Response to “The Kiffin smear campaign fails miserably”

  1. Well I am glad you are happy with your new coach. I was very happy with him too. I for one truly understand the reasons he would take the USC job. I dont blame him for that either. However I wish college football hadn’t gotten to the point where it is such a business it would drive a coach to leave the way he did.
    Lane is hungry to make a name for himself in the coaching world and will do whatever it takes to win. Without his Dad I doubt UT or USC would have hired the guy. I dont think UT fans are trying to strike fear into the Trojan nation and I dont think consider him to be a castoff. Bottom line USC will win games with Kiffin and UT will be better off since he never really wanted to be here anyway. Also He did not leave UT better off then when He got here. I look forward to seeing all this paly out over the next cpl years

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