The Sanchize rookie tour rolls to Indianapolis

Peyton Manning. Drew Brees. Brett Favre. Mark Sanchez.

In a game of “one of these things is not like the others”, it’s the rookie quarterback and his New York Jets that clearly appear to be out of place. But nonetheless, and despite the efforts of his celebrity counterparts, he is still here. The Sanchize rookie tour rolls through San Diego and onward to the AFC championship game.  It’s a scenario no one expected, when the young quarterback was chosen 5th overall in last April’s draft.—or at least not this soon.

In his first NFL season, Mark Sanchez has already enjoyed more success with the Jets than the coach that advised him to stay in school. His two playoff victories are more than Pete Carroll managed as a head coach in his entire NFL career. He also joins Pat Haden (1978 Rams) as the only other USC quarterback to guide an NFL franchise to a conference championship game.

The AFC championship game features a rematch of a regular season contest played between the Colts and Jets. On that day, Indianapolis chose to rest their starters, surrendering their perfect season in the loss. Another game  makes for another challenge, and brings another opportunity to silence those barking critics.

Fight On, Mark!— Fight On!


~ by Anthony on January 17, 2010.

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