UPDATE: Carroll’s departure coming soon

Jim Mora is no longer the man in Seattle, terminated today after just one season.  The Seahawks didn’t take long to dismiss their coach, and according to ESPN’s Chris Mortenson, showed no hesitation in circling a replacement.  USC’s Pete Carroll tops the list of their coaching search, in something Mort says is likely to happen.

Pete Carroll is the guy Seahawks are targeting. It is expected to happen, according to sources. Just reported to ESPN 10 minutes ago.-Chris Mortensen Twitter

Since Carroll’s arrival in Southern California, each postseason has been greeted by NFL hunters targeting a new leader.  In the nine years, they’ve taken plenty of shots, but so far have not been able to score a direct hit and drag their prize home.

But Seattle leaves me a bit unnerved, because this time there is the drop off at USC, which creates a challenge he hasn’t faced since his arrival in 2001.  It’s easy to pass on something when your Empire is functioning and built.  But if you’re in the midst of a rebuilding process, there really isn’t much difference between doing it here and there.  USC is also under NCAA investigation, and could possibly face future sanctions.

UPDATE: Daily News confirming Carroll’s departure to Seattle for a 5-year deal paying $7 million annually.  As well as the head coach position, Carroll will also act as the franchises general manager.


~ by Anthony on January 8, 2010.

2 Responses to “UPDATE: Carroll’s departure coming soon”

  1. possible but it would be foolish. after his success at usc he has a lot of room for error which he will never have in the nfl no matter how lowly the team. also, his style doesn’t seem to work with motivating career players who have a guaranteed paycheck and play time means less than payday (for many though not all). if i were pete, i would retire at usc.

  2. As much as I love Pete Carroll, it would be foolish for him to leave a program he built from the bottom up. Pete is much better suited for teaching kids! He will not earn or receive the respect, regardless of who he is as far as the NFL concerned. At this point, even if USC was sanctioned by the NCAA, Pete would be the man who would have the strength to endure the consequences to preserve the wonderful program he built. In spite of what happens, I wish Pete the best. I believe things will work out for the best!

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