The one reason Aaron Corp should stay at USC

Aaron Corp  has a decision to make. He can transfer out of the program and seek playing time elsewhere or remain content with the backup role, knowing Pete Carroll’s mancrush on Matt Barkley won’t be fading anytime soon. It’s time to contemplate the future and weigh the pros and cons. But in all honesty, as I weigh them from my desk, I find just a single “pro” on a scale tilted heavily in favor of the “cons”.

If I’m standing in his shoes, my only reason for staying is for the Southern California education (and coeds), and nothing more. There are no football positives, unless you anticipate an injury, which still doesn’t guarantee a spot on the field. You can remain content in taking the Matt Cassel route to the NFL, but the two quarterbacks are so different that the public perception of one would have packed my bags before September came to an end.

Not only is it unlikely that Aaron Corp will ever take a starting snap, he’s also not accepted. The perception of him is unfair, but it is what it is. Four miserable quarters in Seattle and critics will neither forget nor forgive. In fact, the best thing that may have happened for him in 2009 was USC losing to Oregon, Stanford, and Arizona. Had the Trojans finished this season with only a loss under his guidance, there would be no decision for the Corp family to make. They would have been run out of town by the fan base, before the team ever played their bowl game.

Without an opportunity to start, you are void of vindication. Without vindication, poor performance remains etched in memory. Memory forbids acceptance, and so on, and so forth. For all we know, Aaron Corp could be a star quarterback for other programs across the country. But we don’t, and most don’t care. If football is the priority, the time for him to transfer is now. Stay at USC, and you’ll finish your college career known as nothing else but “that one kid that started the Washington game”.

UPDATE: Corp to transfer to Richmond. Los Angeles Daily News.  I wish him well.


~ by Anthony on January 6, 2010.

2 Responses to “The one reason Aaron Corp should stay at USC”

  1. […] known his coach was leaving, would Corp have made the same decision? At the time, I wrote that his choice was proper, but in hindsight,  he would have been granted a greater opportunity under the new leadership to […]

  2. Yeah. I went to the Washington game, and man he didn’t do so good. Poor kid, good luck.

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