Another ratings record for USC

The Trojans used Boston College to end a downward spiral and finish on a winning note. They also proved that despite a season filled with highs and lows, they maintained their national appeal. In September, USC played at Ohio State in a football game that became the most watched in ESPN history. And December’s Emerald Bowl finish, also broadcast on the network, proved to be second-best.

San Francisco’s Emerald Bowl was said to be a game lacking appeal, the game no one would care for, including a USC football program that found itself displaced from BCS glory. Those assumptions were wrong. The game by the bay drew more than 8 million viewers that tuned in to either watch team Hollywood execute to perfection or cheer the underdog to possible victory over the program of the decade. With USC in the picture, this traditional match of ACC and Pac 10 programs was sold out and the highest rated Emerald Bowl in the eight year existence of the game.

It’s a love/hate relationship that USC has with the national audience, which is why BCS bowl committees were still licking their chops for a taste of Southern California, before the Trojans lost the third game. A 9-4 season may not live up to the program’s expectations. But when it comes to the networks, those win-loss figures don’t matter.

[Business Wire]


~ by Anthony on December 31, 2009.

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